Wine, Wildfire and Climate Change

Jerry Brown
Jerry Brown speaking in Shields Library. Photo credit: Alana Joldersma

About the event:

On Monday, June 3, 2019, Savor: Lectures on Food and Wine featured former Governor Jerry Brown and UC Davis Enologist Anita Oberholster. They discussed the effects of climate change on California agriculture, particularly the growing frequency of catastrophic wildfires, with a focus on grapes and wine.

Oberholster, who began studying the effects of smoke exposure on grapes in the aftermath of the 2017 Northern California fires, explained that smoke taint is among the most pressing and complex issues facing California’s $35 billion-a-year wine industry. Brown, who painted a bleak picture of the effects of a changing climate, ended with optimism for the future by reminding audience members that everyday changes at home can make a big difference if we all act.